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Honey Token


Honey Token vs. Cash

Honey Token $SWEET

Honey Token endeavors to be a disrupting force in the Entertainment Industry. Honey Token plans to unite Artists and their fans to create unique entertainment content. Honey Token will have different parts that will act as one cohesive Utility Token. What are those parts?

Video Streaming Platform: Unlike Netflix, Apple Tv, and Amazon Prime, etc.., HoneyToken video streaming via Honey-Streaming, will not be run by some Executives determining what content to buy or what shows to create. Honey Token is open to any Artist to upload their content to Honey-Streaming without getting prior approval from any executive. Any registered Artist can upload their content for their fans to enjoy.

Community Chat Rooms: To be a truly decentralized platform: We are putting the power and control of Honey-Streaming to the Honey Token holders, who in the end are the consumers of the created entertainment. Honey Token holders can create chat rooms to collaborate with Artists on creating future projects. Artists can create chat rooms and pitch their future projects to Honey Token holders to see about either crowd funding the project or to get Honey Token to finance part or all of the project. Honey Token has created a Bill of Rights for Honey Token holders called Tokenization. This document outlines 9 Amazing rights that Honey Token holders have and continue to have as Honey Token Grows.

NFT Store: Honey Token will work with Artists on the Honey-Streaming platform to create unique NFTs that will only be available on Honey Token NFT Store..

Concerts/Shows: Honey Token holders will have exclusive right to purchase tickets to amazing live concerts held by Honey-Streaming Artists. Furthermore, Honey Token holders will be able to come see live filming of TV shows, or come to a location to see a movie being made.

Events/Conventions: Honey Token holders will be given access to make live events that Honey Token will be hosting throughout the year all over the world. The access to these events will be only available to Honey Token holders. Honey Token will also endeavour to hold conventions throughout the year, like SYFY, Visual Art, Anime, and others.

Honey Token Store: Honey Token holders will have access to amazing merchandise sold by the Artists unique to Honey Token. You will be able to purchase memorabilia, clothing, autographs, photos, music, videos, and a lot more. Inside this virtual store, Honey Token will have an Art Gallery where Honey Token holders will be able to purchase the Unique Art that was created by the Visual Artists, featuring their video on Honey-Streaming. So now you will be able to watch the artist create the art and actually buy that piece through our Honey Token Store.

Rewards: Registered Users that watch the amazing content on Honey-Streaming will earn Honey Tokens as a reward. The more content they watch the more they earn. Honey Token pays you to binge watch.

  • Fans will earn $Sweet Honey tokens simply by watching ads.The streaming service is already free to our members, now we will reward viewers in SWEET Honey tokens from watching full commercials.
  • Fans will also earn $Sweet Honey tokens from participating in special contests and giveaways.
  • Fans will start earning $Sweet Honey tokens after watching 30 mins of commercials.
  • Fans will earn $Sweet Honey tokens from doing market research/surveys on new shows and movies being released.
  • Fans can buy,sell,trade $Sweet Honey Token on various markets
  • Fans can stake Honey Token and earn additional APY
  • Fans can borrow against token balance using as collateral
  • Fans can use Honey Tokens to purchase merchandise, NFT’s,concert tickets,Comedy shows,Special Events, Early releases, Red carpet premieres.
  • Fans can participate in crowdfunding with SWEET Honey tokens


Symbol: SWEET
Platform: Ethereum ERC20
Government: Decentralized
Type: Utility
Minted: 10 Billion Tokens
Circulating Supply: 4 Billion Tokens
Burnable: No
Mintable: No
Contract: 0x1fa9F1CbF8c9a4fb3431a5809f31723038ed291B
Exchanges: LBANK, SWIFT, Exmarkets, Uniswap, PancakeSwap
KYC: Yes
Audited: Yes

Honey Token Team

Websites Development: Cliffex is an amazing team of creative geniuses that have developed and will develop all future websites and apps.

L. Price: Has been in the financial industry working for banks and financial institutions for the past 26 years.

M, Bobritsky: Has written and created dozens of tv shows and movies. Mr. Bobritsky will be instrumental in bringing Artists to the Honey-Streaming Platform

A Fraser: Has been involved in the music industry for the past 20 years. Mr. Fraser has created several multimedia platforms.

Blockchain Team: We have a dedicated team of blockchain engineers skilled at NFT farming, stacking platforms, using Rust, Solidity, and Web3.js, and React.js.